Ticks: A year around problem.

Ticks are external parasites that live off the blood of mammals. As of 2010, there were 11 different species of ticks spread through the entire world in all kinds of climates and geographical locations. Due to the variety of species and other factors, ticks have become a problem all year around. The increase in population of several “key” hosts species, in particular, the white tail deer, has created an increase in population of this parasite as well, making the combination of increase numbers and the variety in resiliency of the different types of ticks, the perfect storm of circumstances for a wide spread infestation. There are obvious risks associated with these parasites. In our pets, ticks can cause Lyme dieses, Canine Anaplasmosis, Heartworm dieses, Anemia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever among others. Some symptoms are common amongst these, including fever, lethargy and loss of appetite. Although pets are 50 times more likely to come in contact with dieses carrying ticks, some of these conditions are also contagious to humans.

There are a variety of products available to treat ticks including neck collars, shampoos, sprays and other topical solutions. It is important to understand that not all flea or heartworm preventatives protect against ticks. Contact your veterinarian if you find or suspect the presence of ticks in your pets. And if you suspect an infestation, it is recommended to consult a reputable pest control company to handle the affected areas.

Ticks are now a reality all year long and just about everywhere in the Unites States. Prevention is key to avoiding an infestation. Consult your veterinarian to determine the preventive treatment that better fits your pet’s lifestyle.

Stay Healthy and keep’em happy!