National Pet Week: May 1 - May 7

Since 1981, the Animal Health / Advocacy industry has been celebrating National Pet Week, with the goal to promote responsible pet ownership, celebrate the human -animal bond and promote public awareness of veterinary issues and concerns. and its affiliated hospitals: Alafaya Trail and Corrine Drive Animal Hospitals join the rest of the industry in the celebration of National Pet Week.

In the spirit of National Pet Week, we will participate in the 4th Annual Doggie Derby to be held Saturday, May 7th, 2011 in the Corrine Drive Commons. As part of this great event we will be promoting healthy living and weight management on pets with the use of diets and increase activity and exercise. Feel free to visit the event's web page for more details:

Please join us in celebrating National Pet Week and honor the benefits and the enjoyment of a healthy and irreplaceable bond with our fury friends. Stay Healthy and keep those tails wagging!