A Plan...and a Happy Start!

Are you thinking of adding a “furry” member to the family? There are multiple ways to acquire a new puppy or kitten. Some go the rescue route, some go the breeder’s route, but one thing is certain, having a good plan in place will make the process a lot easier. Here are some steps to guide you during the process: 1. Do some research: Find out what it is you are looking for in a pet? There are some great websites that provide breed specific information to make your choice a bit easier. In the case of dogs, AKC.org will breaks it down by breed with everything form behavioral patterns, average sizes, shedding, etc.

2. Consult your local veterinarian for suggestions based on your living arrangements, family members and your needs as an owner. In addition find out form your local Veterinary facility what you can expect in expenses for basic care and budget accordingly. Specifically ask about the puppy/kitten set of vaccines as all newborn will need their shots and boosters.

3. Puppy/kitten proof your home: Will your new member be free roam around the house at all hours, will it be crated, indoor vs. outdoor? All of these questions you need to answer and determine whether you need to rearrange or reorganize your living quarters. It is a lot easier to go about this process prior to the arrival of the pet.

4. Set caretaking responsibilities for the members of the family: Who “walks” in the morning and evening? Who is in charge of baths, feedings, etc? This is particularly important in household with children that will assist in the care of the new pet.

Remember, a new pet will bring joy and happiness to all members of the family, but it will also add responsibilities to all. Plan ahead and remove some of the stressors that will allow your family to enjoy this process. A happy household breeds a happy pet…and isn’t that what it is all about! Enjoy your new adventure!