Senior Pet Health Care Month

Join us in celebrating Senior Pet Health Care Month during the month of September. Senior pets go through a variety of changes that affect the way they relate to their owners and their environment. In a lot of cases, these changes may increase the stress level of owners and/or negatively impact the relationship and bond between human and fury friends. For the most part, these changes are due to conditions associated with their advance age, however in most cases, these can be treatable. Ask your veterinarians about starting a senior wellness program specific to your pet. Some of these might include a change in diet, behavior monitoring, running a more “Senior Specific” blood panel during annuals, and a 6 month follow up to monitor progress. Remember that pets age faster than humans, so a 6 month period on a pet is much more significant that in humans.

We can’t turn back the clock, but we sure can celebrate our “fury baby boomers”! And there is no better way to do so than to give our loyal friends the care they need and deserve.

Keep‘em healthy!

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