Are your Pets Ready for Hurricane Season?

With Hurricane season in full effect, it is a good idea to include your pets in your emergency plan. Here are 5 tips you should keep inmind:

  1. You may have to evacuate your home or “stay in” for a while, so make sure to have at least 5 days worth of food, water and medications for your pets. (Don’t forget the food bowls!)
  2. Make sure you keep a comfort item close by, like a toy or a blanket. This should help your pet maintain and sense of normalcy.
  3. Keep certain records handy. We recommend at least the last year of veterinary records including your last set of vaccines.  Also, keep a recent photo of your pet. Make sure these are kept in a water proof folder.
  4. Make sure to have a leash harness, and that your pet has a collar with up to date tags and id’s.
  5. Make sure your pet is “Micro-chipped”, and make sure your contact information is up to date with your Veterinarian and your microchip database.

We hope we don’t have to put these plans to use, but it is better to be ready than to be sorry.

Keep’em Safe!