Alafaya Trail Pet Oasis' boarding facility is a fun, safe, controlled and sanitary environment, designed with your pet’s well being in mind.  All of our condos are state of the art design.  The bright and airy feel allows your furry family member to relax while staying with us and have an open visual field to what is going on in their environment.  Our feline suites are large and spacious with the option to allow them time in a large central play area when appropriate.

Feline Resort Rates

The prices include feeding twice a day, TLC, and a minimum of 30 minutes of playtime when appropriate in the large center playpen. 

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Current Room Sizes Available


      Cozy Kitty Condo            $22/night     

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Diet and Entertainment

Alafaya Trail Pet Oasis will provide all bedding, food and water bowls, leashes, and entertainment during your pet’s stay with us.  If you would like to bring a toy (nothing smaller than a tennis ball) or memento from home to accompany your pet during their stay we ask that it is labeled to ensure a safe return.  We request that you bring your pet's meals in disposable zip lock bags with the correct portion for each meal.   If you have more than one furry friend staying with us, please identify whose portion is which by writing the name of each guest on the bag.  If your pet runs out of food while staying with us, or you forget to bring in food, we do have bags of food for purchase or we can provide the diet for an additional cost of $5 per night.  We encourage pets to remain on their dietary routine, as any change in diet can result in gastroenteritis (inflammation of the GI system) and ultimately vomiting and/or diarrhea.   Any medication or special dietary needs are the responsibility of the owner.  These items are to be brought to the facility at the time of check in with specific instructions on administration.   Additional fees may apply for medication administration.

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Check In/Out

All pets arriving on weekdays are to arrive after 12 pm and prior to the designated closing time on that day.  All pets departing on a specific date need to be picked up prior to 11:30 am.  Failure to do so will result in a discounted day boarding charge of $10.00 being applied to your account.  Saturday office hours are 8 am to 12 pm; all pets must arrive by 12 pm and be picked up by 11:30 am.  Just like in the human hotel industry, this guarantees that your pet's room will be ready and available when needed. Special arrangements for Sunday pick up may be pre-arranged based on need and availability; additional charges may apply.  Late pickup fees are waived if your pet is receiving a bath. 

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Our Feline Policy

All of our feline guests are required to be current on the following preventative care measures:  

  • Vaccinations (FVRCP, FeLV, and Rabies) at least seven (7) days prior to their stay with us.  This is because most vaccinations will take this long to reach effective levels of protection. 

  • Current negative fecal ( intestinal parasite ) screening
  • Current on monthly preventatives 
  • Free of internal and external parasites (worms, fleas, and ticks)
  • Current negative FeLV/FIV combo test result from your veterinarian required to spend time in the large central play area (this is optional)

We will need to obtain these records prior to booking your pet's reservation.  


To book a holiday reservation a 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.  This is due to the high demand for service during this period.  

The established requirements, as outlined above, are to ensure the safety and health of our pets, our clients and our staff.  In order to maintain these standards the following requirements need to be met in order to house your furry friend in our facility.  Please call us if you have any questions or need any clarification in regards to these requirements.  

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Long-Term Boarding Discounts

Pets boarding with us for seven to fourteen nights will receive 10% off of their total boarding charges.  Pets boarding with us for fifteen nights or more will receive 15% off of their total boarding charges.  These discounts are not applicable during holiday boarding season. Please ask an associate for details on holiday blackout dates.